To Hear or Not To Hear?

It’s kind of funny how much we take little things for granted. Apparently, the majority of people are able to hear office equipment motors whirring. I never knew.

I got my hearing aids on the 17th, and I realize that the next few weeks will be an adjustment period as I try to figure out what works best for me. My audiologist and I will work hand in hand to adjust the settings to fit me. But, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little overwhelmed at the moment. All in all, I love the hearing aids. I love being able to hear all of the back ground noise, and I love not having to ask people to repeat what they are saying to me.

However, at work my hearing aids are a problem. If I do not have them in, I cannot hear my coworkers speaking to me. If I do have them in, I have difficulties hearing customers on the work phone when they call in. I was able to go back to the audiologist yesterday, and we were able to tweak some of the settings to make my work phone more compatible with the hearing aids. She added a program to my hearing aids specifically for the work phone. She also provided me with a couple of magnets to put on the phone itself, which basically boosts signal between the magnets in the phone and my hearing aids. The only complaint with this is that when I do answer the phone, it takes a few seconds for my hearing aids to auto adjust to pic up on the phone mic, and it plays a little beep in my ear while it adjusts. This is only a slight inconvenience, and I’m sure I will adjust accordingly.

Today, I have only received a few phone calls. a couple of which were very difficult for me to hear the customer, and the others I heard well enough to work out what they needed. While I do feel like this is just a transition period, and it will all work our eventually, it is also difficult to not get discouraged with the minor inconveniences.

Overall, my audiologist has been above and beyond and knowing that she is committed to making sure everything works well for me makes a huge difference.