Baby Registries

Okay, Mamas, let’s talk baby registries.

We are currently registered with Amazon and Target for Baby Wrinkle. I have always kind of leaned toward doing a Walmart registry, just for the sake of ease. Most people have a Walmart close to them, and it seems to be convenient. In my opinion, Target is a little on the pricey side of things, and I have never done any kind of registry with them because of this.

My soon to be sister-in-law was registered at Target, and I took a look at her registry and decided to do my own with Target. As we don’t yet know what Baby Wrinkle is going to be, we have only registered for gender neutral items. Target has such a wide selection of neutrals. SO MANY grey and white pieces to choose from, in multiple prints. I love this! I have picked a giraffe theme for our nursery, and Target had a wide selection of giraffe and elephant items in gray and white prints.

The Amazon registry is very user friendly, but of course both had some good features. One thing that I really liked about both registries, is that it talks you through it. There is a list of recommendations which you can click on and pick out what you like in that category. There were a lot of items that I didn’t add to our registry, just because I thought it would not be something that we used. There were also a ton of recommendations that I did add to the list.

The Amazon registry had the most benefit for Prime members. I am a Prime member, and one of the best perks was a free welcome box. After you’ve completed your registry by putting one item from each category on your registry, you or someone else must purchase $10 worth of items from the registry. After that $10 worth of items has been shipped, Amazon will send you a box of freebies, usually valued around $30, which includes a variety of items and samples. In my box of freebies, I received two small bottles, a couple of binkies, a package of wipes, a small sample pack of diapers, and a Swaddle Me.

Another major advantage of the Amazon registry is that it offers you a 20% discount on any diaper subscriptions that you sign up for. The Amazon registry also offers a 10% discount when you are 60 days within the baby’s arrival.

Target is not a place that I shop at frequently. Mainly because I have it in my head that they are higher priced than some of their competitors, but also because I live so far from the closest Target store to me. When my SIL shared her Target baby registry, I was immediately excited to get on their website and start a registry of my own. Target’s registry perks are pretty awesome!

First of all, anyone who shops at Target is probably familiar with Cartwheel. Cartwheel has a wide variety of coupons through the app, which you apply at checkout. It is completely free to use! ( I love free stuff!) Target has a nifty registry app that you can download to manage your registry.

Target also offers an amazing goodie bag for women who open a registry with them. Their registry is rumored to have $60 worth of stuff in it. (I haven’t picked mine up yet, so I will have to update when I get mine and compare it to the Amazon goodie bag!) The Target goodie bag has to be picked up in store, but registry items can be ordered online and shipped to you.

Target offers a 15% discount on remaining registry items when you get within eight weeks of baby’s arrival. This is an awesome discount, especially when paired with sales, cartwheel and other in store coupons.

The best thing about Target’s registry is that you don’t have to be a member to take advantage of their perks. On Amazon, you have to be a Prime member to get some of their special discounts, including the Welcome Box. With Target’s registry, and mommy to be is offered all of the same discounts and perks.

When I get my Target goodie bag, I will let you all know a comparison of Target vs Amazon goodie bags. Follow to see updates!

Love to all, Tiffanie