Target VS Amazon: Who has the best goodie bag?

A few days ago, I wrote a post discussing the perks of both Amazon and Target baby registries. Since making that post, I have received both goodie bags for starting my registry. I have also taken some pictures so that you can see what was included in each one. Here is my take on which is the better option!


The Amazon Welcome Box had a lot to offer.

Two bottles were included, and I really liked that. They are both from a popular maker; one was a five oz. Tommee Tippee ($13 for a 3-pack on Amazon= $4.33/bottle), and the other was a four oz. Avent ($25 for a 4-pack = $6.25/bottle). Both of these bottles are ones that I have looked at as being an option for using when we have our little one.

A Swaddle-Me was included as well. I honestly had not considered ever using one of these with our baby, but I guess since it was a freebie I will at least try it. These are $25 for a 2-pack on Amazon, or $12.50 each.

I received a 2-pack of 0-3 mo NUK pacifiers. I had these added to my registry already, and was quite excited to have them included in the Welcome Box. The ones that I received are listed on Amazon for $15.32 for a 2-pack, which would actually include 4 pacifiers. That would make these $7.66 for two pacifiers.

Another amazing product included in my Welcome Box was a Hudson Baby security blanket. I have a different brand of elephant security blanket added to my registry, and this one was a perfect replacement for it. It is super soft, and matched my theme perfectly. These are $11.07 on Amazon.

In my Welcome Box, there was a travel case from Pampers. This included one Pampers Swaddler, a sample pack of Pampers Sensitive wipes (6 wipes), a sample of dreft newborn laundry detergent, and a coupon book from Proctor & Gamble. The coupon book included one coupon for Pampers Swaddlers, one coupon for Pampers wipes, one coupon for Dawn dish soap, and one coupon for Dreft detergent.

Also included in my Welcome box were small samples of: Cetaphil baby lotion, Johnson’s newborn wash and shampoo, Avent nursing pads, information about Avent’s breast pump, a breastfeeding guide, and a 10 % off coupon for a Britax or BOB travel system (IF purchased through your Amazon registry).

All in all, the total measurable dollar amount of the products I received was $46.56. I did not include the nursing pad samples, Cetaphil, or baby wash in this figure.


Upon initial opening of the Target goodie bag, I was impressed. My fiance felt like it didn’t have as much stuff as the Amazon bag, but I felt like it was just different stuff.

The first item that I pulled out of the Target bag was a Dr. Brown’s 8 oz natural flow bottle. These have been shown to reduce colic, and I have registered for these with both Amazon and Target. The bottle I received is $5.49 on Target’s website.

The next item I pulled out of the bag is a MAM newborn pacifier. I haven’t looked at these too much, and I have not registered for these. On Target’s website, these are listed as $5.99 for a 2-pack, or $2.98 each.

The Target bag included THREE different types of diaper samples: one Honest diaper, one Up&Up diaper, and the same Pampers swaddlers travel case that my Amazon box included. This Pampers travel case was a little different, but still included a Pampers swaddler and a sample of Pampers wipes. Also included was a $5 off coupon for Pamper diapers, and a coupon book which included the same coupons as the Amazon travel case.

The remainder of the Target bag was basically samples. Samples included were : Aquaphor baby ointment, Babyganics daily lotion, Palmer’s stretch mark cream, Aveeno baby, and a package of 2 nursing pads and 2 breastmilk storage bags.

All in all, at this point I wasn’t super impressed with the Target bag. Until I got to the last two items in the bag: a coupon book for Seventh Generation, and a general coupon book for Target products. The Seventh Generation products are all free & clear, eco friendly, and 100% safe for your little one’s sensitive skin. Total coupon value: $10. The coupon book for Target was quite impressive. Coupons in this booklet include: 50% off a Starbucks drink of your choice, bras, maternity, beauty products, baby carriers, diapers, bottles, bedding, general household items, formula and snacks for mommy. I was quite impressed with the variety of coupons included for both mom and baby. Total coupon value in this booklet was $100+ (IF you use all of the coupons.) Coupons also included several 50%, 20%, and one bottle of free Similac formula.

Total value of Target goodie bag: around $130.


In Conclusion:

It was hard for me to say which bag of freebies that I liked best. I loved the Target goodie bag because it had several different lotion samples, and several different diaper samples. BUT I loved the Amazon goodie bag because it was mostly ITEMS and not just coupons. With the Amazon bag, I don’t have to spend more money in order to take advantage of the “freebies” that were in the bag. With the Target goodie bag, I do not have to be a Prime member to receive the goodie bag. Remember, Amazon’s Welcome Box is only available for Prime registry holders.

I believe that having a registry with both would be the ultimate way to go. Between both goodie bags, you get an awesome selection of items, and a real chance to try them all out before you go too crazy spending your own money buying Tommee Tippee bottles just to find out that you don’t like them. Also, both companies are super easy to get items returned to if you wish to do so.

I can’t wait to make use of all my goodies.

Love to all, Tiffanie