Near Death Experience…

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t REALLY a near death experience. However, the other night I had one of the scariest experiences of my life.

On Sunday (February 10) I was dealing with a bout of severe gas and bloating, as is typical for some women during pregnancy. I didn’t think much about it, just tried a couple of things to relieve that bloating. None of those worked, so I decided to tough it out. B kept asking me what was wrong, and I told him that I was simply feeling extra pregnant that day.

We went about or day, running errands. We attended my niece’s birthday party, and things were going okay, aside from a little discomfort. Around 7 pm that night, I started feeling severe pain in my upper abdomen. I have never in my life felt such severe pain as I did in that moment. As time went on it was harder and harder to breathe, and the pain also moved to my back. I decided that we needed to visit the ER immediately. I did not know what this pain was, but I was worried about my little baby.

Although we do live in a rural area, we are also blessed to have a small ER about five minutes from the house. B took me there, and I was immediately taken to the OB wing when I told them I was 21 weeks pregnant with severe pain in my abdomen.

The nurse came in and asked a ton of questions, finally deciding that she knew the solution to my problem. She came back to me with antacid tablets and liquid antacid. The relief was immediate after taking the antacids. I honestly felt a little silly having gone to the ER for gas. However, I am so happy that I went and ensured that both me and the baby were safe. I have no doubt that I might end up at the ER again, but I hope that doesn’t happen. It is better to go and be sure that everything is okay instead of staying home and waiting for the outcome.