Pregnancy Updates: Week 22

The last couple of weeks have been mostly uneventful. I haven’t had any big complications or issues, other than the fact that I have been slacking a little bit on my diet. I have managed to eat well still, but haven’t been so good about checking my blood sugars.

The main thing that I have noticed the last couple of weeks is that my hips have been hurting horribly. I think this is normal during second trimester, as the hips are expanding to prepare for delivery. Another small issue that we have noticed is that I have been having some sleep apnea issues. I haven’t been sleeping well at all, and it is showing in my productivity throughout the day as well. This week, I will begin sleeping in the rocking chair in the living room. Between the hip pain and the sleep apnea it is no longer a feasible option to be sleeping in our bed.

B is less than thrilled about me sleeping in the living room, and has vowed to sleep next to me on the couch for the duration of my rocking chair sleep. I am hoping that this will help.

Last week was an exciting one, as we have been anticipating a doctor appointment with an ultrasound to find out the gender of our sweet little baby. After four long weeks of anticipation, we finally had our appointment.

The appointment with the Doctor C went well. No major changes, and she is pleased with my weight gain, or lack of as the case may be. I am so happy that I still have not gained any weight, but I also have noticed that my clothes are getting tight. Even with the lack of weight gain, my body is changing. I finally broke down and bought some maternity pants this week to accommodate my changing baby belly.

The ultrasound tech had the task of waking the baby, who was being decidedly stubborn, and trying to get pictures for the doctor. The tech got a lot of pictures, but many she was unable to get as the stubborn bean in my belly would not move. The tech finally resorted to pushing on my belly to get the baby to move.. That really woke up the baby. Baby was NOT impressed with being woken up, and did indeed start to move around. However, the baby did not move in ways that were beneficial for picture taking. As a result of our sweet little nugget’s unwillingness to participate in the ultrasound, we have to go back to get another ultrasound session done so the doctor can get all of the pictures he needs.

The tech did tell me that our sweet little nugget is a GIRL!!!!!!!!! We can’t wait to hold our sweet little baby girl.