Pregnancy Updates: Week 28

This pregnancy has flown by, that’s for sure. It is crazy to be writing this post and knowing that my baby girl will be in my arms in less than 12 weeks time.

Not much has changed from the last update. Baby’s favorite place to be is in my ribs. I’m not going to lie, I am definitely not a huge fan of her being in my ribs. I have tried everything to coax her out, and as soon as I get her moved she moves back.

I love feeling her move around so much. She is SO active these days. It’s hard to believe that just five short weeks ago, I had never felt her move. I swear she hasn’t stopped moving in the last five weeks.

We did an ultrasound last week, and the doctor was able to get all of the measurements he needed. We got some new pictures of our little one, and she is growing. She is measuring at 2 pounds right now, so she is right on schedule.

Currently, we are debating whether or not to get a 3D ultrasound of baby girl. We had previously decided that we wanted one, but we have also been evaluating the cost of getting one done. All in all, it seems to be a frivolous expense. The cheapest one we have been able to find in our area is $165 for a session. While we do want one, we are just not sure that we can justify spending that money for an unnecessary procedure.

Up to this point, I have still managed to maintain my pre-pregnancy weight. I give all of the credit for that to my doctor. With the gestational diabetes, and the strict diet, I have managed to keep my sugars under control as well as my weight. I have, however, noticed some swelling in my feet that last couple of weeks.

I am hoping the rest of my pregnancy goes by complication free, and quickly. We are so ready to hold our baby girl.

Love to all,