Morning Sickness

If you believe what everybody says, morning sickness is a phenom that only occurs during the first trimester of pregnancy. I had some morning sickness my first trimester, but it was relatively minor and it passed quickly each morning. I was lucky! Hardly any complications, no morning sickness to speak of, I was going to rock this pregnancy.

All of a sudden, there I was in second trimester. I was 12 weeks pregnant when I was diagnosed with Gestational diabetes. From 12 weeks, my morning sickness got exponentially worse as well. When I first began experiencing increasing morning sickness, I spoke with my doctor. She told me that sometimes in women who have acid reflux (myself) the pregnancy exacerbates the symptoms. She advised me to take my acid reflux medication each day for the duration of the pregnancy.

Although I have been doing so, it has not seemed to help the morning sickness at all. In fact, my morning sickness has continued to worsen as the pregnancy has progressed. The last two weeks have been a hellacious bout of extreme nausea to the point that I am unable to eat until lunch time. Nothing seems to settle the nausea, and I have puked several times as well.

I thought it was just me having these crazy symptoms well past the “expiration date” for them. As I have talked to other women, however, a lot of women experience the nausea and morning sickness well into their third trimester and up until birthing their child.

My only real complaint with the morning sickness is that it messes up the diet I am on for gestational diabetes. While I am still trying to stick that as much as possible, I have been slacking. Nausea all day makes it hard to find an appetite. I dread the thought of eating and then being sick.

On the bright side, I only have eight weeks until our baby girl is here. I think I can tough this out until then 😉

Love to all,