Pregnancy Updates: Week 32

Starting at Week 32, I am now seeing the doctor every week. This is slightly inconvenient for us, as it is a long drive to see the doctor each week. We do, however, love seeing our baby girl each week.

Our 32 week appointments went well. They did the non stress test, monitoring Baby A. She HATES the monitor. She is quite uncooperative when it comes to monitors, dopplers, and ultrasounds. She kicked at the monitor several times, and we had to re-position the monitor to hear her. She passed her test, and we get to do it all again this week.

The ultrasound went well also. They are measuring the amniotic fluid weekly, and trying to measure her. Because of the gestational diabetes, it is harder to measure the baby and make sure that she isn’t getting too big or staying too small. The ultrasound showed that the fluid around baby is the right amount.

The reason they are checking the amniotic fluid is because the amount of fluid can show if there are any health problems with the baby, or the placenta. If the fluids are too high or too low, you are more likely to have complications, including early delivery. Low levels of amniotic fluid indicate that the baby might be developing too slowly. Low levels of fluid can also indicate placental failure. If the amniotic fluid levels are too high, it can increase the risk of early delivery or growth problems in the baby.

I am glad they are monitoring her each week, as it a huge peace of mind to know that everything is moving smoothly. I can’t wait to hold our baby girl in 7 short weeks!

Love to all,