Pregnancy Updates: Week 20

Oh, pregnancy, my dear old friend.

The last two weeks have went by so fast. In just two short weeks we will find out the sex of our little Wrinkle. We can’t wait! In the mean time, things seem to be moving right along.

According to the pregnancy app I downloaded, Baby Wrinkle is the size of a mango. I have yet to feel him move any, or if he is moving it doesn’t feel like something is moving around my uterus.

The gestational diabetes seems more manageable as time goes on. We have found some more noodles and treats that are well within my doctor appointed criteria. While there are whole grain noodles in the store, it is hard to find a lot of variety. I am not a huge fan of eating the same thing every night, as it turns out. This has turned into us ordering some different varieties online. We found an amazing whole grain orzo pasta that meets my requirements, and that is probably my favorite whole grain to date. We also found some noodles that I plan to use to make a one person pasta fagioli soup. I don’t know how that will turn out, but I will keep you posted!

So far, I have actually lost about 4 pounds with my pregnancy. This is exciting to me, knowing that I am eating healthy and following all the rules that my doctor gave me. I want to be in the best health possible when the baby gets here, and to continue working on my health for a lifetime.

Another exciting adventure is on the way, but I am not quite ready to share that news yet! Look for that news towards the end of February!

Happy Tuesday everybody!